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BRITISH RULERS IN INDIA - Lord Linlithgow (1936 – 1944):Lord Wavell (1944 – 1947):Lord Mountbatten (Mar.1947 – Aug.1947):

Lord Linlithgow (1936 – 1944):
  • Govt. of India Act enforced in the provinces. Congress ministries formed in 8 out of 11 provinces. They remained in power for about 2 years till Oct 1939, when they gave up offices on the issue of India having been dragged into the II World War. The Muslim League observed the days as ‘Deliverance Say’ (22 December)
  • Churchill became the British PM in May, 1940. He declared that the Atlantic Charter (issued jointly by the UK and US, stating to give sovereign rights to those who have been forcibly deprived of them) does not apply to India.
  • Outbreak of World War II in 1939.
  • Cripps Mission in 1942.
  • Quit India Movement (August 8, 1942).
Lord Wavell (1944 – 1947):

  • Arranged the Shimla Conference on June 25, 1945 with Indian National Congress and Muslim League; failed.
  • Cabinet Mission Plan (May 16, 1946).
  • Elections to the constituent assembly were held and an Interim Govt. was appointed under Nehru.
  • First meeting of the constituent assembly was held on Dec. 9, 1946.
Lord Mountbatten (Mar.1947 – Aug.1947):
  • Last Viceroy of British India and the first Governor General of free India.
  • Partition of India decided by the June 3 Plan.
  • Indian Independence Act passed by the British parliament on July 4, 1947, by which India became independent on August 15, 1947.
  • Retried in June 1948 and was succeeded by C.Rajagopalachari (the first and the last Indian Governor General of free India)


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